Resisting Gender Ideology

All the parties currently in parliament voted unanimously for gender 'self-identification' – allowing people to change the sex on their birth certificate to an untrue "gender". 

Men compete in women's sports, midwives must refer to mothers as 'birthing people', men and boys can use girls' toilets and changing rooms, and men are placed in women's prisons. Teachers are forced to use 'non-gendered' language, and one has recently been deregistered for refusing to use male pronouns and names for a teenage girl. The madness will not stop until we put an end to it.

New Conservative affirms the biological reality that there are only two sexes, and opposes the lie that a person can be 'born in the wrong body', or can 'change their gender'. The establishment parties have taken a stand for confusion and the erasing of women - a party vote for New Conservative is the only option to fight back against this insanity.

Protecting Children

Children should be allowed to be children and should not be sexualised or made to question their gender in the name of 'education'.

New Conservative will seek to protect the innocence and the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our children, including implementing a complete ban on:

  • 'sex change' operations and the use of puberty blockers for children and young people.
  • sex education in primary schools.
  • 'gender theory' education in all schools.

We would require all sex education content to be publicly available, to make it easy for parents to know what is being taught to their children. We would design a new syllabus which respects family values and focuses on the facts of human reproduction and development.

Respecting Women

New Conservative will ensure that the definition of a woman is legally restricted to those born biologically female (and that the definition of a man is legally restricted to those born biologically male). 

New Conservative will require all government organisations to use correct biological terms like 'mother' instead of offensive neologisms like 'birthing person'.

Celebrating Manliness

New Zealand needs good men. Our long term problem of fatherlessness is not helped by telling men and boys that their masculinity is toxic and unwelcome. New Conservative will be a voice for men and the value of masculinity.


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