There is currently a high-profile case before the courts concerning a young baby needing heart surgery. The parents wish their baby to be given only blood from donors who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. The Crown is looking to take temporary custody of the child to operate on him in the way the hospital sees fit.

There are many situations where family members or friends are used to help in medical emergencies of life, why is this not an option here? Many people have volunteered to help out and the only thing that’s needed is for the NZBS and the doctors to sign off on it.

Even if the parents’ concerns are wrong and the danger of vaccinated blood is not valid, threatening them with the removal of their child only makes a bad situation worse.

Our progressive system has a warped hierarchy of rights. If you ask the hospital to chop your breasts or penis off, they will sign off on it in a heartbeat.

What if you want to kill your unborn baby in the womb? Four months ago the hospital would happily have torn Baby Will limb from limb had his parents asked.

Want to take sex hormones to alter your physiology? You can do it all on the taxpayer dime.

Want the freedom of choice for your baby’s health? Sorry, but they will beat you into submission.

Do you believe that you’re born in the wrong body? The system will bend over backward to validate you. Do you believe that the vaccine is harmful? The system will crush you for deviating from progressive orthodoxy.

Whatever your thoughts on the Covid vaccine, you can’t blame parents for distrusting an establishment that seems to be completely out of touch with reality.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reeve family at this difficult time and we hope there will be a swift and just ruling in favour of their parental authority and medical rights.


Helen Houghton

New Conservative co-leader