Should ‘the Disinformation Project’ be renamed ‘the thought police’?


When people are encouraged to think critically, discuss ideas, and listen to others even if they disagree then we have a healthy society.

The environment we have at present is fear and distrust, anger and mischaracterisation. All due to the threat of people being afforded free speech think a handful of academics misleading the public about people who have an opinion that is at odds with their narrative. 

The majority of humankind will be offended by something at least once in their lives and many will offend someone even unintentionally. We cannot take away all offense, you can however take away the ability to be resilient and this is the outcome of what we have created: 

       a culture of people who are more concerned about what other people think of them than what think of themselves. 

We cannot mandate kindness the same as we cannot mandate people to say what we want them to say.

It is through free thinking and Ideas that give way to provide solutions to some of the challenges our world faces. It is by discussion that people understand each other. It is a robust debate that allows us to see through a different lens. And, it is disagreement that helps us to compromise or work through the disagreement by agreeing to disagree. 


Disagreement is not hate. 

Debate is not hate. 

Facts are not hate


Respect needs to be earned!  Respect is not a right!

Neither is it gained by forcing people to agree with alternative views. Appeasement did not prevent the war. We can be tolerant without capitulating our way of life to another. 

What NZ has now is chaos and confusion and a society that is unstable. What NZ deserve is calm, stability, encouragement of free-thinking, and respectful debate. 


"Strong, sound, and sensible leadership".


Helen Houghton

Co-leader New Conservative