New Conservative is one of the main parties in the running for the 2023 election so says the University of Auckland’s debating department, “Our host Jack Tame will ask representatives from New Zealand's major political parties tough questions to uncover each party's vision for New Zealand's future”.

A recent BFD article promotes New Conservative as a viable option for some of the ministers in the National Party. The BFD | Do I Want to Help the National Party?

I believe it must be a real challenge to a minister's conscience when they stand in a Party that does not share the same values or protects all New Zealanders.

We also agree with the article that asks why someone would support National in their campaign or any of the parties in Parliament who in fact did nothing to protect all of New Zealand over the past three years but instead created a class of society where many law-abiding, upstanding kiwis’ were shunned, treated like vermin, and degraded as second class citizens.

Not one member of Parliament said no to the overbearing executive.

New Conservative will make the rights of all people stronger, not easily overridden by a tyrant executive hell-bent on control. The freedoms we have been given in the international treaties and NZ Bill of Rights and Human Rights Act must be upheld.

New Conservative are a good party for all New Zealanders, focusing on kiwi values and traditional values, the protection of our rights, and New Zealand sovereignty. We will look after the welfare of New Zealand people, and small businesses, protect and promote our primary and other industries and ensure an affordable existence for all.

The 2023 election will show there are consequences for damaging and dividing our country.