Cambridge Dictionary of Disinformation


Helen Houghton says, “You can dress like a woman, wear makeup, and apparently play in the girls’ sports team but if you are not born a biological female, you can never be a female, you are a trans woman”.

Cambridge Dictionary has repulsed every girl and woman except for those who are going along with a delusion. No one can change what it means to be female. You can be assured that Cambridge Dictionary expanding their ‘version’ of what it means to be a woman will be vehemently opposed.


“I will not lie to our girls and I’m not going to mess with boys by sending them into confusion just because they might like playing with dolls, “says Helen.  Our boys like dressing up as superheroes - do we lie to them and fix them into that identity?


Unlike every other party, New Conservative will not stand by and watch dozens of girls chop off their breasts and become infertile and our boys are castrated and sterile.  


New Conservative will call for better protections for our precious children and their childhood.


Teach our children to celebrate the body they were born with, being comfortable in who they are, and not leading them down a path that includes lifelong medical interventions. Data shows that the vast majority of those experiencing gender dysphoria grow out of that before they reach adulthood. It is a lie to teach them that they will be happy ever after if they surgically destroy, disfigure, and damage the identity they were born with.

Helen Houghton 

Co-leader New Conservative