New Conservative opposes the National Party's plans to summarily end the long-standing restrictions placed on field trials and release of genetically engineered organisms (GMO). 

New Conservative considers that this proposal will overturn a societal consensus similar to the "Nuclear Free" policy, and says this decision should not be made without society wide buy-in.

New Conservative leader Helen Houghton says: National's announcement makes a worrying leap from the limited use of advanced gene technology to treat disease (fixing something that is broken), to genetically engineering organisms to reduce agricultural emissions in the supposed fight against climate change. This is insanity. There is no need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and doing so will not have any beneficial effect on the environment. We certainly should not be playing God and altering the natural makeup of organisms for such a foolish pursuit.

All this policy does is expand the climate change scam, providing another opportunity for big business to profit from a problem that is nothing but a political invention.

This ill-considered policy should be a warning to voters thinking of supporting National or Act simply to "get rid of Labour" - just like the current government, these parties will ride roughshod over the will of the people, without a party like New Conservative to reign them in.

New Conservative will scrap all climate focused taxes, subsidies, and regulations and will not use invented crises to justify policy decisions.

Vote New Conservative for a party with common sense and that will listen to the will of the people.

- Helen Houghton