New Conservatives stand against medical coercion and the extraordinary division of society into opposing camps (vaccinated and unvaccinated).

We stand for freedom of choice and conscience, looking after all of society, and the free exchange of views and information (without censorship or sanction).


  • Reinstate and compensate employees who have lost their jobs over Covid-19 employment mandates and sanctions¬†(including nurses, doctors and teachers).

  • Scrap all remaining Covid-19 mandates, frameworks, and controls.

  • Recognise, treat and compensate the vaccine-injured.

  • End the temporary and emergency aspects of Covid-19 response.

  • Allow doctors to prescribe off-label drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 as they see fit.

  • Emphasise and promote general health (exercise, diet, lifestyle).

  • Broaden the scope of Royal Commission of Inquiry to cover all aspects of Covid-19 response.

  • Take into account the risk/benefit calculations of countries who have curtailed their vaccination programmes (e.g. the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Finland).

  • Transparency of government-held Covid-19 information (including public health data by vaccination status, ACC vaccine injury claims data, and publication of contracts with Pfizer and other Pharma companies as a matter of public interest).

  • Entrench in law the right to refuse medical treatment and the right not to be subjected to medical experimentation such that they cannot be over-ridden by the courts (Bill of Rights Act 1990).

  • Ensure that New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are never again locked out of their own country.


Updated March 2023

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