Respect Freedom of Choice - New Conservative supports the freely made decisions of individuals and families whether to get vaccinated or not.

Don’t Discriminate - There is no medical, scientific or ethical basis on which to discriminate against the unvaccinated.

Look After Everybody - Harms and risks to all parts of society must be taken into account when setting Covid-19 policy.

Trust People - Voluntary measures work better than coercion.


  • Scrap all remaining Covid-19 mandates, frameworks, and controls.
  • End the temporary and emergency aspects of Covid-19 response (medical, legal, political).
  • Stop publicly funded advertising for Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Allow doctors to prescribe off-label drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 as they see fit.
  • Recognise, treat and compensate the vaccine-injured.
  • Reinstate public sector employees who have lost their jobs over Covid-19 employment mandates and encourage private sector employers to do the same.
  • Emphasise and promote general health (exercise, diet, stress management).
  • Review the Covid-19 vaccination and response programme in the light of all new information.
  • Hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry into all aspects of Covid-19 response.


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