"With all the talk of bullying at the governmental level, the below letter from the Teaching Council of New Zealand must be exposed," says Helen Houghton, Co-leader, New Conservative.  "An organisation threatening teaching staff with disciplinary action for not toeing the line to their ideology is a fascist institution."

It all stems from the leadership of a nation where free thinking is discarded and replaced with the forced ideologies of minority groups. This New Zealand demands one source of truth – one way or the highway – choosing the demands of some at the expense of many.

Free speech and critical thought are becoming unlawful; mind your manners, be kind, and keep your opinions to yourself if you want to hold onto your career.

It should not be surprising really, having taught in some schools where the culture was precisely that – teaching staff afraid to speak their mind during staff meetings, yet being expected to teach and empower their students to use their voice and engage in critical thinking (something that is also being discouraged now).

You want to discuss bullying? Well, it is not only among 16-year-olds, it is rampant at professional levels from leadership. 

A recent proposal for a citizens-initiated referendum has meant that several government ministries and non-government organisations have been invited to submit their thoughts on the referendum question: "Should New Zealand ban harmful unscientific gender theory from all schools?"

The first submission received from the Teaching Council of New Zealand did little to address the request, but instead chose to focus on threatening behaviour, dictating what beliefs the teaching staff were expected to hold, or else.

The one teacher code I held most important throughout my teaching career, instilled while in teaching college, was to "Provide a safe learning environment for all students." This is the same code the council failed to address in their backlash towards a teacher using her right to question and challenge concerning content in the school curriculum; the teacher who dared to take on the institution of Hogwarts Ministry of Education that implements magical spells and untruths where children are misled to think that they can change their sex, instead of teaching biological facts; an education system that is failing academia due to the over-exposure and time spent on political experimentation of our most vulnerable people: children. 

To forge ahead with the expected teacher code (to provide a safe learning environment for all students, and adopt a ‘first do no harm’ approach) will result in disciplinary action, so say them, the Teaching Council. 

It is time to abolish the underhanded behaviour of the Teaching Council, overhaul the failing education system, and repair the damage already caused to many of our young people who have been indoctrinated into a false mindset that they can choose their sex, sadly with consequences of increasing mental health issues and anxious children. 

A recent poll stated that a majority – 72 percent – of New Zealanders are concerned with the direction New Zealand is headed. This is one of the areas of concern. 

Is this the New Zealand we want? New Conservative will direct the country back to common sense truths and workable solutions.

DOWNLOAD AND READ: Teacher Council comment on the wording of a question proposed to be put to voters in an indicative referendum - proposal from Helen Houghton (PDF 306KB)

Helen Houghton
Co-leader and Education Spokeswoman, New Conservative