I wonder what criteria a person makes when they decide a leader is trustworthy. Is it from a recent statement where Prime Minister Chris Hipkins had no direction to be able to share with the New Zealand public because they are still yet to create policy, or is it from an older statement … “We will have to go out and look for them”, referring to the unvaccinated - who had every right to bodily autonomy?

Trust is just another empty word in politics. Actions speak louder.

With only 64.6% of 15-year-olds in New Zealand having basic proficiency in reading and maths the literacy and numeracy of our children are declining. High rates of anxiety in children, an exodus of parents choosing to opt out of the politicized mainstream education to home-school, woke ideologies indoctrinating students.

I am sceptical that the poll highlights the reality of how general New Zealand people ‘trust’ the PM to fix the nation like how he has fixed the education of our young people.  

One job, under his watch.

A socialist labour government will never fix a nation regardless of who is leading the sheep. If you want meaningful change, be the black sheep of the pack, and vote for fresh common-sense parties that have skilled people. Expertise and experience from those who have worked at the coal face, in place of the career politicians who have not produced results.


On the other hand, it was encouraging to see the previous New Conservative leader get a look in. With the increased opportunity the public has to see the common sense and the values of New Conservative Party the New Zealand public will know that we are the Party to bring stability to our nation.


Helen Houghton