New Conservative seeks to secure the prosperity of our children and grandchildren, which requires a sound view of the whole economy.

We believe Government needs to stop its habit of tinkering with the New Zealand economy (for all kinds of reasons including ideology).

Primary Sector

We will cut back burdensome regulations on farming, and let New Zealand farmers do what they are good at - feeding 40 million people across the world.

Cheap and reliable energy is the life-blood of any economy, and critical for a prosperous society. We will encourage all viable forms of energy production (oil, gas, clean coal, wind, etc.), without favour or subsidy.

Fossil fuels are here to stay, and should be harnessed for the good of the country. We will restore orderly licensing for oil and gas exploration, and make sure that the players in this industry know they are welcome in New Zealand for the long term.

Secondary Sector

We would seek to rebuild and reopen the Marsden Point oil refinery. A resilient fuel supply is critical to the economy, especially at times of crisis (for example when an overseas war disrupts oil supplies).

We would encourage processing and manufacturing where New Zealand can establish viable niches and add value. We cannot forever remain just a producer of primary materials, which are sent overseas, and sold back to us as manufactured goods.

Value-added processing in our agricultural sector is low by international standards, and should be encouraged in order to improve long term viability and profitability.

Tertiary Sector

We would encourage those service industries where New Zealand is innovative and competes well internationally. We would make sure New Zealand is a friendly place for start-ups, and for internationally mobile tech entrepreneurs and their workers.

Order, stability and predictability need to be restored to the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. We will ensure that our borders are not closed in future, and that these sectors are not turned off and on again like a tap.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

These are the lifeblood of any mixed economy, and are where most new jobs are created. Accordingly, we would encourage small and medium sized business, in particular by reducing burdensome regulations (which tend to favour big business).

Voluntary Sector

Voluntary organisations are a quiet but important contributor to New Zealand society. We would encourage the voluntary sector (including charities and incorporated societies) by ensuring they are not over-regulated, and that they are well-treated by the banks (for example when opening accounts and changing signatories).


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