New Conservative differs from other parties because our policies are centred on the desire to rebuild a society that values family.  Strong families are the foundation of a healthy society, but for decades governments have undermined the family: dictating to parents how to do their job; taking over more and more of the family’s role; and instead of encouraging parents to stay together, developing systems which provide financial incentives for couples to split up.

Tax Relief

The proposals in our flagship FamilyBuilder policy will provide significant tax relief for families with children, and are designed  to encourage people to build families and to keep them together.

Law and Order

We aim to refocus the justice system on making New Zealanders safe again in our homes and businesses and on our streets.


We aim to:

  • Remove dangerous left wing ideologies from the school system.
  • Give children a great education in the basics that they need to succeed in society.
  • Give families control over whatever government funding is available for childcare or education.

Parents should be able to choose the education system they know is best for their children, whether charter, correspondence, state, or vocational. Funding should follow the child - students will have funds allocated every school term that can be spent by their parents on schooling of their choice. Homeschoolers will be reimbursed their full education costs.

Instead of directly funding Early Childhood Education (which is effectively a subsidy for families where both parents go out to earn money, putting their children in the care of strangers) we would return this money to the parents.  If ECE is what works best for a family, that’s their choice, but if they believe it is best for one parent to stay home and educate their children, that should be encouraged, instead of penalising them by using their taxes to further boost dual income families.

Family should be valued.  Children should be valued.  Old people should be valued.

Voting for New Conservative will bring a strong voice for the family to government.


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