New Conservative believes in the importance of families and the pivotal role they play in raising the next generation.

We are committed to supporting this essential unit and will introduce family-friendly policies and strategies aiming to strengthen, promote, and rebuild this pillar of society.


  • We would introduce income splitting for married couples to reduce the tax burden on single-income households. We recognise the economic hardships of many families who try to do best by their children. We propose that families who meet this criteria be eligible to split their income in order to take advantage of lower tax brackets. This will result in a better financial position for many families who have chosen to limit the working hours of one parent for the well-being of their children.
  • We believe in equal protection and human rights for unborn babies. Abortion should be criminalised under the Crimes Act as it involves the choices of one or more people resulting in the death of another. The taking of another’s life is a crime and must be considered as such.
  • Parents should be able to choose the education system they know is best for their children whether charter, correspondence, state, or vocational. We would replace bulk-funding of schools with funding that follows the child. Students will have funds allocated every school term that can be spent by their parents on schooling of their choice. Homeschoolers will be reimbursed their full education costs.
  • We would implement a complete ban on gender theory education in all schools and a ban on sex-ed for primary school children.
  • Internet providers should be required to making explicit adult websites opt-in rather than opt-out. This would mean that all adult content in New Zealand would be blocked or filtered by default, and would only be made available to individuals when an ISP receives a request to unblock it from a customer with appropriate age identification. We will allocate increased funding to organisations focused on ending human trafficking.


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