The Greens recently announced tax policy punishes workers and families, not the wealthy, says Ted Johnston of New Conservative.

 The Greens policy of increasing the tax on those earning more does not tax the rich. It instead punishes higher salary or wage workers and those just trying to get ahead. It also punishes small businesses and is not a good fair way to increase the tax take.

 Those earning higher incomes are not the rich. The rich are those who have sufficient wealth and assets that they do not need to work. Instead they can live on passive income and capital gains.

 A high tax rate of 45% on income over $180,000 is completely excessive and will drive many overseas. New Conservative will not raise taxes on workers. While the Greens have picked up one of our policies, their proposed minimum tax free threshold of $10,000 is too low.

 New Conservative’s policies include:

  • The first $20,000 earnings are to be tax free. This puts far more money into the pockets of those in most need. 
  • Parents can combine their tax-free income threshold and increase it by $5,000 for every child they have. If one stays home to look after children that takes pressure off families and helps raise their standard of living in our current high interest, inflation and cost of living crises.
  • New Conservative will also raise the threshold levels for tax payment levels to make them fairer.

The other problem with the Green party’s guaranteed income, which would apply to everyone, is that it would likely increase the number of beneficiaries. With high levels of benefits, why would many work?

Salary and wage workers have constantly suffered by increasingly paying a greater share of the tax burden. New Conservative will reign in out-of-control government spending and allow workers to keep more of what they earn.

New Conservative’s policy will reward those who work, and it will ensure a better standard of living for those less well off.


- Ted Johnston