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Help us make history by electing New Conservative in 2023.

Helen Houghton is campaigning full-time this year as your voice during this general election.

"I am an ordinary citizen, just like you. I have lived through hardships, but I am now wanting to make a difference. It is against all odds that I co-lead this party. A runaway street kid from a life of abuse, violence and dysfunction with all that that entails, to a primary school teacher and the founding director of a charitable trust, and now a law student. I know too well the issues our society is struggling with from broken families, broken mental health and addiction services, to broken housing. New Conservative has solutions with common sense, practical, and realistic policies."

Helen is a qualified school teacher who has taught across all levels of the curriculum from Year 1 through to Year 8. She has worked in the school sector for 16 years while also caring for many disadvantaged children with high needs. She is trained in trauma-based therapy which has immensely helped in her foster care role over the past six years.

Her most precious accomplishments and joy are her adult sons.

Five years ago Helen also started a charitable trust in the East of Christchurch working with and providing support to families in the community. Helen has had significant time working alongside people with challenging backgrounds. She has led women's groups, provided parenting courses, and implemented adult education for parents who fell through the system.

As well as her Bachelor of Teaching, Helen is now halfway through a law degree where she is currently enrolled at Canterbury University doing a double degree LLB and BA in Political Science. She's taking a break from studying to be able to fully commit to representing all conservative voters at this election.

"We empower, equip, and bring hope for a brighter New Zealand. A New Zealand which holds on to our moral compass, and to the rights of every New Zealander, every parent, every individual, to be protected and to be all they were created to be."

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