In a poll of 877 people at the National Fieldays, Labour reached 75.7%, well ahead of National on 6.3%.  Of the other parties in parliament, Greens hit 6.5%, ACT 3.9% and The Maori Party 2.6%.  Parties outside of parliament made up the remaining 5.0%.

People visiting the New Conservative stand over the four day event were asked to “vote for your least favorite political party.”

The rural community overwhelmingly disliked Labour with issues being raised such as three waters, unworkable regulations, SNA’s and covid mandates.  Climate change also featured regularly with farmers annoyed that the whole burden for addressing emissions was seemingly being put on their shoulders.  There were also serious doubts as to whether National or ACT would actually make a difference or would they continue to follow similar policy lines to the current government.

This poll shows how out of touch with the rural community this government is.  Still the backbone of our economy, the farming community is feeling ignored and over burdened with climate change regulations.