Let's Smile Again New Zealand!

There is a thrilling atmosphere as the pace picks up with the finish line in sight. The excitement is contagious as you hear a buzz and a roar at our public meetings across the country. If you haven’t been able to attend a meeting yet I encourage you to get along and hear from our passionate and dedicated team. We are really enjoying your input at the meetings and I look forward to meeting many more of you as we are out and about over the last few months. 


The North Island had a brand launch last week sharing our refreshed policies. Thank you to all those who attended. Now it is time for the South Island to party. A free event with fun for your friends and family 

We are delighted to be announcing some new candidates and policies during the event as well as a presentation from myself and our Campaign Manager on our fresh, positive direction for our country. 

Please RSVP by Thursday at the latest for catering purposes.


We are in the process of having our signs printed and you will see them across the country soon. We need you. We need more sign sites and people helping to get them up. Please also consider paying for a sign. Every bit helps. Get involved in our campaign to help us restore our NZ. 

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Restoring New Zealand

New Conservatives will restore common sense. We will restore NZ and get the smile on our faces again. It is time. Time for New Conservatives. Time for the people of NZ to reclaim our way of life

Let’s smash it out of the ballpark and Let’s smile again New Zealand!

Party Leader

Helen Houghton