Human rights begin in the womb, and the first duty of the government is to protect the right to life of its people. Any government that fails to do this has failed at the most basic level.


Successive governments have enacted legislation that has stripped unborn children of their right to life, to the point where unwanted children may now be killed up to birth. The lives of vulnerable elderly and sick are now also threatened through legalised euthanasia. A consistent voice for life is missing from Parliament, with the few remaining conservative voices suppressed by their parties.  

New Conservatives believe that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, and mothers should be supported to bring their children to birth, rather than aborting them.  Where necessary, adoption is the answer to an unwanted pregnancy.

We believe that providing adequate palliative care, not euthanasia, is the right way to address end of life issues. We are concerned that present laws do not adequately address the issue of elder abuse and in fact make our elderly and sick more vulnerable to coercion to end their lives. The elderly should not have to be looking over their shoulder when they have contributed a lifetime to society.

New Conservatives will:

  • Be the conscience of Parliament on social issues including abortion. We will restore a respect for the sanctity of human life by enacting laws consistent with a culture of life ethic.  

  • Introduce a “Personhood Bill” that recognises the right to life of the unborn child from conception.

  • While we work to achieve the above goal we will: put a stop to schools being agents to procure abortions, reverse the privatisation of abortion, end taxpayer funding of abortion, and restore free speech rights for those who speak up in defence of life. We call for an end to mailed-out and pharmacy-dispensed abortion drugs which are dangerous to women as well as killing the unborn child.

  • Work to repeal the End of Life Choice Act and prioritise funding for palliative care.

  • Support women with unplanned pregnancies, and call for adoption to be made easier for mothers who do not wish or are unable to raise their child.


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