New Conservative have grave concerns over the way the government amended the BIRTH, DEATH, MARRIAGES, AND RELATIONSHIP REGISTRATION ACT.  The amendment allows a person to change their sex as often as they change their underwear. A person will be legally allowed to change their sex and name, as often as they like. This is known as the Self-identification law allowing anyone to change the sex on their birth certificates.

On the 15th of June 2023, Jim will be able to change his name to Janine and change his identification from male to female even though we know he is still a male.

This change was led by the now education minister Jan Tinetti, AND, wait for it…

The Minister For ‘Women’. 

This new law amendment will allow:

No medical evidence is required and no Family Court process.

A person can change their sex ( and name) MULTIPLE TIMES to reflect the ideology that GENDER IS FLUID

The THIRD party to help with the legal process is a choice from TWO groups –

  1. Registered professionals ( doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, nurses or counsellors.)


  1. ANY person aged 18 years and over that has KNOWN THE CHILD or young person for 12 MONTHS or more)

Children up to 15 years of age need their parent/guardian AND a third party BUT 16 years plus just need someone who has known them for 12 months or more to MAKE THE LEGAL DOCUMENTATION CHANGE.

Birth certificates are legal documents and reliable, trusted evidence of who a person is. After the 15th June new identities can be used. 

We are very concerned about the implications of this for women’s safe spaces, and women’s sports and domains. The legacy media has disturbingly been almost entirely supportive of this move. New Conservative believe that this new law is simply not robust enough to give any of the protections it purports to guarantee, will be unworkable, and will cause confusion.

We have the benefit of overseas experiences that show that these self-identification laws cause major problems. If this goes ahead it will be just another nail in the coffin for our beautiful country of New Zealand as we descend further and further into confusion. 

If you vote how you always did you will get what you always got. Vote New Conservative.

Helen Houghton

Co-leader New Conservative