The health of New Zealanders is important to us all but can the government claim to protect our health when they choose to eliminate our choice of good products yet do nothing about the real killers like sugar and other addictive substances?

Who decides what products are good for us and which are a risk? By all accounts, it was certainly a risk taking the Covid vaccines over the past two years. In comparison, the products that the proposed Therapeutics Bill wants to strip from the market and from people who have been using them for decades do not add up with the reasoning the government has indicated. They want to outweigh the possible risks of harm to consumers.

I have more than a little scepticism when the government says they are doing something that is for our safety. There is significant contradiction around what is good and bad for our health given they want to ban natural products and they don’t have concerns around sugar, tobacco, processed foods, and alcohol abuse all to which New Zealanders consume and partake of in copious amounts

In early 2000 The ministry of health allowed herbal highs (synthetic products), to be sold in the local dairy, with no regulation. The government allowed them to be marketed and sold as non-addictive and harmless. The outcome, for our young community, was many highly addicted young people and adults. Shockingly in 2019, the death toll had risen to 75 people after using a drug the government approved of.  So instead of having caution around addictive products and substances that are life-threatening like the effects of synthetic marijuana or even the harm caused to our youth by vaping, the ministry of health wants to regulate products that are natural.

People who are proactive in using preventative natural medicine should be congratulated not regulated.

This is clearly not about looking into the safety of the health products but about control, even more control of our personal decision-making.

New Conservative are about the freedom to choose the medical products and services they deserve. New Conversative opposes the Therapeutics Bill.