The battle of the two Chris' would assume that NZ is still in a First Past The Post electoral system - that's all the mainstream, legacy media serve up with each news bulletin.

The minor parties are a vital part of our MMP system, which New Zealanders voted for nearly thirty years ago. In an election, it is essential to weigh where the minor parties sit with policy and ideas and the mainstream media are playing a dangerous game.

While the media were initially mandated to enable their audience to be informed, helping the democratic process, all I see is media manipulation and exclusion from those parties with views that don’t fit the incumbent government. 

I see no political competition in what the MSM dishes to the NZ audience, only their bias where they have strategically set a course to influence voters to keep the status quo in power.  As I have moved from sitting on the sidelines to leading a political party, it has only increased my knowledge of corruption occurring before our eyes. Any press coverage of the political campaign is state-controlled media.

This plays out using the Strong effects model, which is how the media can interfere with how and what the public sees but, equally importantly, what they think about issues. Let’s look at those most gaining coverage: The main parties, of course, but also those like the old guy back for another round. Because, let’s face it, most of NZ wants to watch the continuing testosterone battle back and forth between C 1 and C 2. Suppose that is not enough to discourage the public from voting. In that case, the old dog is wagging its tail - most would have given up and put the old dog down, but instead, the media are lapping him up and throwing him a bone [lifeline] - anything to divert the progress anymore minor party was capable of. 

As a woman, the bullish duel between the two Chris' is unappealing, and I see nothing that will appeal to women voting - the lowest point is that they cannot even define what a woman is and fail to be committed to the issues that matter to women - adult human females.

New Conservatives believe in the value of informed voting, and the mainstream media have failed in a level playing field - check out the real solutions that we all care about and Let's Smile Again :) Party Vote New Conservatives 2023 (

Helen Houghton

Party Leader