Greetings to all members, supporters, and subscribers. We recently announced an internal reshuffle, with Helen Houghton as leader, Ted Johnston as deputy leader, and Chris Leathers as board chairman. There has been one more change before this year's election campaign season starts.

Change in party secretary

Last Saturday our party secretary, Rudi du Plooy from Hamilton, resigned. We thank him for his service as party secretary and wish him the best in all his future endeavours. My term on the party board expires at this year’s AGM to be held in November, and I had already handed my responsibilities as board secretary over to Alister Hood. Please direct any board correspondence to Alister or Chris.

In light of Rudi’s resignation, I offered to take over as party secretary. This important role requires stability, as demonstrated by Kevin Stitt who served in the role for ten years. I give you my commitment to serve the party in this critical role for a long time, God willing.

The board formally accepted my offer at its most recent meeting. I have informed the Electoral Commission that I am now the Secretary General of New Conservative.

I want to thank you all for your continued support of the party and the social values we all hold dear.

Recent media releases

A special thank you to our generous supporters

Our membership figures remain in good health, and I am confident we can reach a new membership peak during this election campaign. Our party remains funded entirely by you. I want to stress that those of you who donate monthly are the lifeblood of this party. You set the baseline of what we can achieve through our regular party operations and administration. We need more like you, and I will assess and set a target during this campaign that we will aim to maintain in the coming three years beyond the election. It’s not just elections that are fought with money, but every single bit of influence we project requires resources.

If you are not giving already, please consider contributing $20 a month for the next four months. That will make a huge difference in what we can achieve.

We are going to win

Getting to parliament is only one small step to wielding power. Even right now, we’re able to force other parties to talk about issues they want to avoid. We see NZ First copying us in calling for gangs to be designating as terrorists. Even the Greens have picked up policy on a tax-free threshold that we’ve argued for a decade.

The media and party elites across New Zealand don’t want to engage in “culture war” issues. They don’t want any pushback as they destroy society. We already have the power to force these issues into the election spotlight in a way that no other party would dare.

We know all too well the fragility of minor party politics. New players come and go all the time, but the New Conservatives have endured. We are here to be the voice and will of socially conservative New Zealanders. As parliamentary parties and bureaucracies become more hostile to our beliefs, the need for us to succeed can only increase.

We must work towards the post-liberal future that is almost certainly coming. We must restore the truth to its rightful place in society. We must build and improve on our base of support for this election and all future elections to come.


Thank you,
Dieuwe de Boer
Secretary General
New Conservative