FamilyBuilder (Income Tax Reform)

New Conservatives' proposals will give everyone a $2,500 tax cut, and provide substantial additional tax relief for families with children.


We will ensure that the definition of a woman is legally restricted to those born biologically female.


The decline of New Zealand’s education system has steadily accelerated under successive Governments

Strengthen Families

We differ from other parties because our policies are centred on the desire to rebuild a society that values family.


We stand against medical coercion and the extraordinary division of society into opposing camps.

Right to Life

Human rights begin in the womb, and the first duty of the government is to protect the right to life of its people. Any government that fails to do this has failed at the most basic level.


We are committed to conserving and enhancing our natural environment.


We aim to refocus the justice system on making New Zealanders safe again in our homes and businesses and on our streets.


We seek to reduce red tape and facilitate long-term increases in housing supply.

A Strong Economy

We seek to secure the prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

Tax and Spending

Government spending needs to be re-directed towards future infrastructure, and towards properly maintaining current infrastructure.

Reject Co-Governance

We hold that New Zealanders are one people, and will ensure that we all have our rights represented equally

Our Principles

Right to life. Family focused. Localism. Conservation. Equal justice. Economic security. National sovereignty.