New Conservative is halfway to Parliament and will continue to rise in the polls over the coming months. The possibility of a smaller party entering Parliament is not only highly likely come election day but will be a reality due to the many politically homeless who have not been heard or represented.

A party, says Helen Houghton Co-leader of New Conservative, that holds to family values, limited government interference, and conservation of all things, which is, what many new Zealanders value. A healthy society holds various views, yet our Parliament is lacking in the ability to allow voices that differ or are in opposition to their opinions, shutting down even those in their own caucus.

Controlled Ministers in Parliament are useless for the people they are supposed to represent.

There is a vacuum that needs filling and that is the conservative voice, where is the conservative, where is the option for voters to have socially conservative policies?

All those in Parliament at present look the same so let’s look at what differentiates New Conservative from the others and what New Conservative offer to society.

New Conservative will not be silenced, they will speak up on all matters that concern New Zealanders, especially those controversial topics other parties won’t go near. New Conservative is not a one-issue party but has the skills and talent to speak into all areas that affect society.

New Conservative are not only socially conservative but also fiscally conservative because to have strong economics means strong social policy and vice versa. What underpins all policies is the family and healthy family policies will have a positive contribution to society for us to thrive as a country. There is no other party with such strong solutions to address the dysfunction in society that is caused by a breakdown of families, due largely to the lack of government policy supporting and incentivising healthy families.

You can put your vote to New Conservative because we hear you. New Conservative will fix New Zealand.