We are a political party in the conservative tradition that seeks to honour the Christian heritage of New Zealand for all who live here.

Our policy and what we stand for is based around the following core principles:

  1. Right to life - Human life is sacred, from conception to natural death. We oppose abortion, euthanasia, and all intentional attacks on innocent human life. 

  2. Family focused - Marriage and the family are the central institutions of society and must be supported and strengthened. As the family provides for the nurturing of children, it is the imperative of the state to advance the well-being of all families, while respecting the duty of family members to fulfil their roles freely.

  3. Local community - Humans are created to live in communities, which are necessary for the flourishing of our societies. Decision making should be as local as possible through a principle known as localism. Society consists of various institutions and communities, like families, governments, and religious groups, whose primary authority over their own affairs should be respected and defended. Higher levels of government should serve to empower and support lower levels of authority, rather than replace them.

  4. Conservation - Care for the environment and good stewardship (kaitiakitanga) should characterise the relationship between humanity and creation. Our land and its fruits are universally destined for the benefit of all who call New Zealand home. We have a responsibility to protect natural resources, now and for future generations.

  5. Equal justice - Maintaining public peace and order in a way where equal justice under the law is upheld is a fundamental responsibility of government. Those who are rich and powerful should not be insulated from the consequences of their actions by a system that makes it impossible for the poor and downtrodden to access justice.

  6. Economic security - Government must act to remedy economic injustice by improving conditions for local and widespread ownership of property and production. Personal, cooperative, and social ownership are all valid in a just society. Workers' rights and a family wage must be ensured, and those who cannot work should receive income sufficient for participation in society.

  7. National sovereignty - Parliament has a duty to maintain and protect both the unity of our land and heritage of the distinct communities in it from agendas that are hostile to our way of life.


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