“Activists are targeting our children with harmful ideologies. They’re indoctrinating kids with anti-biology teaching on gender and are now attacking religious schools like Bethlehem College for their beliefs. This has to stop,“ says Helen Houghton, a former teacher and New Conservative Co-leader and Education Spokeswoman.

New Conservative is calling for the following to be implemented:

  • More independence for religious schools so they can have confidence that their beliefs and funding are secure against campaigns and attacks by anti-religious activists.
  • A complete ban on harmful, unscientific gender theory education in all schools and a complete ban on sex-ed for primary school children.
  • To deal with increased truancy at schools, more tools need to be given to schools so they can follow up on and support absent students. Schools need greater flexibility to deal with bullies who create toxic and dangerous environments for other students and teachers.
  • The recent increase in homeschooling following the COVID-19 pandemic shows that more can be done to make this a good option for families. Financial support that homeschooled children receive should be increased.

“Giving families more options and making sure that schools are safe places for students is a key part of the common-sense policy needed for a better New Zealand,” adds Houghton.

Helen Houghton, Co-Leader New Conservative, Education Spokeswoman