If I was a student in 2023, I would not be going to school either and that has nothing to do with barriers to education. The Minister of Education said they are continuing their initiatives to remove barriers to education. This is not 1950 with barriers to education!


NZ is failing in education because our education has been highjacked. It is a woke progressive liberal education based on subjective feelings, it is NOT education but propagation (and not of the kind of theories the general population believe in)


Children are at school to join lunchtime political groups, made to feel the effects of history they had no control over - put into categories of you are either oppressed or the oppressor, categories of gender they have never even heard of or want to hear of, and given an option (as a child and without knowledge of their parents) to choose pronouns that make no literary sense from the education in the English language they have supposed to have been learning, while some others are whipped off to the abortion clinic without parental support and guidance.  

Many parents don’t care that their children reject school and who can blame them? The government wants to penalize children and their parents for not wanting to attend a system they have no trust in.


Jan Tinetti new Education Minister said they are doing everything to increase attendance but acknowledged this is a "complex issue" that will require parents and the community to fix. If Jan listens to the parents and the community, she will know parents have lost faith in this education ministry. You can’t fix it you need to demolish it and start again with the community. School leaders know what works for their communities just as they have for decades. The government needs to back off, take its hands off the curriculum and let teachers teach.


Instead, labour is yet again wasteful spending another $74 million after the $88 million last year on the same issues, which Jan said had shown improvement. What improvement, what is everything you are doing Jan? Throwing out big monetary figures with no actual facts of anything tangible does not mean you are doing anything at all. A big fat zero is the fact. Labour needs to stop being frivolous with taxpayer money and address the real issues.


Last time they blamed a lack of period products, healthy lunches, and a curriculum that was not inclusive.  Schools were feeding and giving out period products before labour made ‘announced’ it was their initiative. Now we have food going to the tip because children who don’t need it are being provided for and those who do need it often refuse to eat it.  Labour tries to fix what is not broken and breaks everything else in their quest to create a list of ‘we did this’ without really doing anything of value. Yet fail to fix areas that are of urgency.  


I think it is time to rethink education in NZ because it is not only the children who have lost interest in our education centers. Parents don’t trust the M.O.E because the M.O.E is not listening to parents. Critical thinking replaced with one source of truth just won’t cut it. Being taught what to think instead of how to think is not the education most parents want, and this is clear with the exodus from mainstream education to opt into home school.


What this and previous governments need to admit is they have been experimenting with our children and it has been a huge failure. They need to admit they need more help and listen to the parents and the communities.  Leave political experiments and ideologies out of the playground and get children back to the basics.