Radical politicized gender ideology is an affront to every man, woman, and child.

Human rights only go so far because you cannot step on one set of rights to further your own. Gender extremists are using human rights to silence mainstream citizens by demonizing biology. Their claim that gender is socially constructed is not the objective reality.

I am a woman and a mother, and any subjective social change will never and should never aim to erase these terms to pander to synthetic identities.

Institutions that have been captured by woke identity politics are not protecting the rights of men, women, and children or the family values of our society. They have adopted a woke set of priorities for a tiny subset of the LGBT+ community, to which many members are opposed to.  How can a small section of society trample on the rights of the majority and what can be done to counteract this?

Simple, Say no, Stand up, and Speak up.

I intend to do just that at an event organized for women to speak up which is being held in Auckland and Wellington this coming weekend. 

By attempting to ban these events and the organiser the Green party is in fact opposing the protection of children and women because the events simply seek to give a voice to women. Why is the Minister for women silent on this matter?

Left-wing sexual politics is destroying childhood innocence.

New conservative are the only political party that has consistently been opposing the sexual engineering of our most vulnerable.

Helen Houghton