How far will the trans activists push society to their whims before the women in Parliament stand up for our rights? Recently Parliament celebrated that for the first time ever there were more female MPs in the House than male. One should ask: are they genuinely representing the female sex? Can New Zealand women look up to any woman in Parliament with respect? If only we could bring back Kate Sheppard.

New guidelines for community sports are based on the guiding principle that “individuals should be able to take part as their self-determined gender”. Maybe Raelene Castle needs to start using the men’s toilets and see if men don’t feel violated.  

Helen Houghton, New Conservative Co-leader asks “where are our women MPs? Where is the Ministry for Women?”  On its website, the Ministry states that New Zealand women enjoy the protection afforded through a strong statutory framework giving them full and equal rights and that its role is to further progress and benefit women.. How is allowing biological males to compete alongside women benefiting women? The website lists areas where it prides itself on women outperforming men like we are in a competition. No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room, or should I say the man - the man in women’s public amenities and women’s sports. Why have a Women's ministry at all? Surely that is not “inclusive”. 

We already have workplaces under considerable pressure to include woke language to appease people based on how they feel on any day, feelings that change they say. Mad Hatters Tea Party, anyone?

There is a difference between boys and girls and in men and women, even at the local club level. Age group records from Athletics Canterbury show a difference, not a huge difference in boys and girls at 7 years of age in the 100 m sprint. A 7-year-old girl recorded at 17.52 and a 7-year-old boy at 17.99.  When we look at adults there is a huge difference - women 12.62 and men 11.06.

Trans rights do not supersede women’s rights. The worldwide trend of mediocre athletes transitioning and then dominating women's competitions is not right and must not be allowed to spread.  We must not destroy women’s and girls’ sex-based rights to help trans-identified people feel validated.

New Conservative calls on Sports NZ to do the right thing for the female sex.


Helen Houghton

New Conservative co-leader